New music video for the Sony Music signed artist Fröder!

Here is the new music video I directed for the Norwegian artist Fröder!



Some pictures of the music video.




The Station Master – Short Film Published

A still from the short film, ‘The Station Master’.

The Station Master has now been published on Vimeo.

Here is a little about the short film I directed back in 2012. It was my graduation film from film school. Please have a look and share.

A lonely Station Master at a remote, rural outpost encounters a woman stranded overnight at his station, and after some hesitation, invites her to spend the night in the warmth of his humble home. This unexpected encounter reawakens the Station Master’s enthusiasm for life as the two talk long into the night, but in the morning, when her train arrives, will she leave along with his heart?

New Music Video with NTSH London

I just signed with NTSH London over new years. I have just finished a music video with them.

Short Film Trailer Online!

The trailer for my short film, ‘The Station Master’.

The short film is set in 1950s England, about a lonely, dysfunctional Station Master who lives in the middle of nowhere. Unexpectedly a woman exits one of the steam trains and during the night they spend together, she opens his eyes to a life he never believed he could have.

best costume designaward of excellence


2013 Laurel - black text

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Short Documentary Finally Online!

Finally the short documentary I directed, “A Farmer’s Land”, is online. It’s a Norwegian documentary, it was screened at the Norwegian Documentary Film Festival 2011, Los Angeles Movie Festival 2011, Rockport Film Festival 2011, Lone Star International Film Festival 2011, South Utah International Documentary Film Festival 2011.

Vestlandsbonden - 03-39-11

The Short Documentary was made for an assignment at Met Film School. I graduated here with a BA in Film and Television. I spent a week in West of Norway following my aunt’s family in their day to day life.


”A Farmer’s Land” is about my Aunt, my Uncle and their two sons that live in a small town in Norway. My Uncle runs one of the biggest farms there, all by himself. The documentary is studying how it is to be a farmer in West of Norway and how the future is looking for him, his family, and the uncertainty about the farm that has been in his family for two generations and if one of his sons wants to take it over.

New Music Video!

The new music video I directed for Øyvind “Vinni” Sauvik. The artist is signed with Universal Music Norway.

Grandma’s Tea Party – Music Video

The new music video I directed for the Norwegian Indi Band, Grandma’s Tea Party.

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